Like most cities, Mountain View has a flag.

Like most cities, the flag is just the seal of the city on a blue background.

flag of mountain view

I am no vexillologist, but I thought I could do a bit better than an SOB.

The flag of the city of mountain view is rarely used by the city of mountain view. Often instead we see this graphic, with trees and a mountain.

city of mountain view logo

This is nice. I thought with some clean lines focused on the tree trees it would make a nice flag.

I kept the gold for the sun and blue for the mountain, green for the grass and trees.

stylized flag

I like the straight lines, it is easy to draw and remember. But the trees don’t look like trees anymore. So I brought back the trees from the logo.

logo trees

Looks nice. But I wanted to do one more. One of my favorite trees here are the coast redwoods, so I thought I’d go for that aesthetic.

redwood flag

That’s it. Personally I am most happy with the redwoods version. Would love to see some other people have a go.